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At 14 weeks your baby is a regular wiggler, but because of his small size you probably won’t feel it yet. Your baby-to-be’s face is becoming more distinguishable as his eyes move closer together and his ears move closer to their final positions. He’s also growing soft baby hair all over his body, which is thought to help anchor developing skin, as well as forming hair on his eyebrows and scalp. He may hiccup too, even though his lungs are filled with fluid, not air.

At your doctor’s visit, ask to hear the baby’s heartbeat. At this point, using a Doppler they should be able to hear the tiny beating. Or beatings, if you’re carrying twins or more (“What? Triplets?!?”).

All About You

Finally Looking Pregnant

This week you may still be tired and fatigued, although your nausea is probably gone. You may be experiencing some growing pains as your baby belly pushes your internal organs aside. As your stomach loses space, you’ll likely have more heartburn, indigestion, and flatulence. You continue to take frequent bathroom breaks as your bladder has less room to expand. Sleeping may become more difficult, too, as your baby bump grows.

Shopping for Maternity Clothes

Can’t stretch your zipper anymore? Your baby bump may finally be making a dent in your wardrobe. If your favorite, snug-fitting jeans are getting a little too tight, you’re in need of a shopping spree.

“I always say that for pregnant women, when it comes to clothes, it’s like having your house burn down,” explains Rebecca Matthias, a maternity fashion expert and the president of world’s largest maternity brands including A Pea in the Pod, Mimi Maternity, and Motherhood. “You literally have to start from scratch with a wardrobe you’ll only be wearing for a few months.” A little smart shopping can go a long way toward making sure you have the clothes you need and on a budget you can live with.

Aim for Versatility: By carefully choosing your wardrobe you won’t have to buy so many clothes, explains Matthias. Instead of buying a full wardrobe, she suggests you pick basics and then add accessories to vary your outfits (accessories you can wear even after your baby arrives!).

Buy Basics:

  • Jeans: “Jeans are usually the first item women buy,” says Matthias. She points out there’s a wide range of styles and belly options for pregnant women. Try on several pairs before you decide to buy: some belly styles may be more comfortable than others.
  • T-shirts: Once you have your perfect pair of jeans, match them with a few T-shirts. Stick to basic colors that you can layer or throw a non-maternity sweater over to get the most wear out of your shirts.
  • Black pants: Whether you work or not, black slacks are a must for your wardrobe, says Matthias. You can easily dress up or dress down with basic black (plus black tends to de-emphasize your expanding figure).
  • White shirt: Like black pants, a white shirt can be paired with jeans for a casual look or with black pants for a dressier style.

Picking Sizes: Maternity sizes should parallel non-maternity sizes. If you’re a small in regular women’s clothes, you’re most likely a small in maternity clothes too. Shirts are cut nearly identically through the shoulders and arms, points out Matthias. When it comes to your belly, however, there’s a variety of shirt styles, from draping to ruching to pleats, to complement your baby bump.

For pants, you won’t need to worry about numbered sizes: maternity pants come in small, medium, and large, like the shirts.

Knowing When to Splurge: You’ll only be wearing your baby bump-friendly wardrobe for a few months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a fashionista. Accessorize with jewelry and handbags to vary your outfits. Splurge on a few favorite outfits for those days when you get tired of being pregnant. Matthias’s suggestion for a splurge? A nice maternity dress. “You’re going to want something to wear for special occasions, like your baby shower.”

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Q & A

Got questions about Week 14? Other women have wondered…

Q: When do you start showing and looking pregnant?

Early in your pregnancy, you may feel pregnant but look far from it. Many women feel as though they are in a perpetually bloated state, but there is no rounding of the belly to show for it! How soon you begin to ‘show’ is as varied and individual as women are. Just when you do pop depends on several factors. Read more about looking pregnant.

Q: How can I relieve my pregnancy constipation?

Unfortunately, several factors conspire to make pregnancy quite constipating. So what’s a mother to do? Drink plenty of fluids. Getting dehydrated can add to the problem. Read more about relieving pregnancy constipation.

Q: What are some good interfaith baby names?

For interfaith couples, the decision of what to name a child can be a potential battlefield of religious and family obligations. Luckily biblical names such as Daniel, Jacob, Isaac, Abigail, Hannah, and Sarah work well in both. Read more about baby names.

Your Partner

Has Your Partner Popped?

Not only does she begin to feel better during the second trimester, but your partner will really start to look and feel pregnant now, too (instead of just feeling like she is getting fat).

This new change will impact you two ways:

  • You’re partner is now showing, which means that it is time for her to go shopping for maternity clothes. This is a rite of passage and should be encouraged and supported. Remember, the better your partner feels—physically and psychologically—the better her body focuses on taking care of herself and your baby.
  • The idea of becoming a dad is sinking in. During the second trimester, many men begin to really understand that they are about to become fathers. That first 12-week ultrasound might be the point at which you first start to feel it, and now seeing your wife’s expanding belly and the physical evidence of the baby growing inside creates an even more profound realization that you are on the path to fatherhood.

Many expecting dads even find themselves saying things like, “Wow, you really look pregnant!” in part because the physical appearance of the mom-to-be is something of a shock to them. Remember to be supportive of your partner’s growing girth. Even though she’s feeling better and enjoying those maternity clothes, she may feel sensitive about her size. That growing roundness is a sign of your impending baby. Celebrate her changing body with her!